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Halcyon days

Sounds of Christmas past Waking up to children singing Excited for the day Gathering to play Christmas breakfast prepared As we gather by the tree Smiling at the children's faces As they writhe with glee Presents unwrapped To loud laughter... Continue Reading →

Peace Like No Other

The peace that befalls All mankind -enthralls 'Tis a mystery to behold It cannot be foretold 'Tis a peace that comes With a mind at rest 'Tis a peace that ensures That you're doing your best Don't Meddle with a... Continue Reading →

Terrorist or Freedom Fighter?

The battle rages on People taking sides Being put upon To join the fracas To join the tide Relieved to be left alone Only a short respite Despite the fight Right or wrong Weak or strong This battle is of... Continue Reading →

Message in a Bottle

She put a message in a Bottle Sent it out to sea The message was about him It's contents only For his eyes to see The message read thus: "Thank you for sharing  Your life with me Thank you for... Continue Reading →

Wall Of Love- Grenfell Tower

In the early hours of 14th June 2017, we watched in horror as Grenfell tower was engulfed in flames. The sickening accounts of people jumping out of windows or throwing their children ( including a baby) out to safety were... Continue Reading →

The Illusionist 

He writes to Create illusions  Illusions that rest in the mind If you focus and read the words You, yourself you'll find Hidden deftly between the lines With careful artistry Does he weave his tales Like intricate tapestry A magic... Continue Reading →

Dare to Drown

True love comes but once In our lifetime  It's a gift Not be trifled with To have loved- Is amazing  To have lost, Quite humbling  But stop and think Look on the inside Don't you see An ocean of love?... Continue Reading →

The Mountain 

If you stop to look  at this mountain  You will find You will not climb If you stop to look At this mountain  You'll be outrun You'll be un-done Puncture this mirage Create a new Camouflage  To look at a... Continue Reading →

Trust – Handle With Care

That thing You must not break Must not allow Taper Dare not crumple Cannot reinstate  Once broken  Lets in suspicion  Lets in doubt  Permits premonition  If intact Remains a bridge  A precious gift A conduit for love And for hope ... Continue Reading →

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