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 Grabbing a shovel Digging for the truth The lie lay hidden Not daring to move Sensing great danger The lie called  for help More lies arrived Covering their friend Protecting him to the end Noticing  the strange pile Sticking out... Continue Reading →

Double Dare

Dare You To try To attempt To touch the sun's core Reach out and stroke it's Sunny face Copyright © 2017Vivian Zems  ( A Fibonacci Poem )

Terra Firma

Life, Full of ups and downs On the up, wings are spread Floating freely On the down, Things get lively Frantic Beating of wings Chaos, confusion Regressive thoughts of things Fighting back Not being beaten To do nothing, Yourself you'll... Continue Reading →


Fear dons a mask It Cringes With nowhere to go Back against the wall Feeling so small Charging forward No thought of danger No longer a coward A survivor A stranger Daring to be brave Yourself only, to save You,... Continue Reading →

Just Smile

A real smile comes from the heart It worms its way up the body Forcing lips apart A fake smile is an Illusion That starts in the face Its vanishes as quickly Not leaving a trace Give me your smile... Continue Reading →

Torn Scabs

 Scars healing gently Scabs forming slowly Thinking - over the worst Then a trip and fall Was this a blessing or curse? Scabs ripped away Wounds gaping open  Heart strings rang out Fresh blood forming a spout Now knowing beyond... Continue Reading →

Hold On To Your Wig!

South Africa's Daily Sun Paper has reported a new crime wave- the theft of wigs- off your head!! It appears that drug addicts have found a new way of making a fast buck. They snatch them to re-sell at local... Continue Reading →

Locked And Loaded

(A haiku poem) Finding some Paper Eyes shift mischievously Pen, weapon of choice Copyright © 2017 Vivian Zems (image by ConradRuiz)

Aim High

( A Fibonacci Poem) This Loop Repeats Itself oft Love, hate, forgiveness  Why cant we stop at the first one? Copyright © 2017 Vivian Zems (image by Dark-gio)

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