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Sounds of Time

Do you hear that sound? it's the silence of conscience  patiently awaiting  a voice And what are those other sounds? the tick-tock of time the thumping of a million heartbeats the thrumming of countless pulses are they a mocking melody... Continue Reading →

A Small Voice

We are told that as humans, we’re born with a conscience. It's purported to be a voice that instructs us on the difference between good and evil. Christians are likely to equate this to the voice of God. In my... Continue Reading →

Where Are The Heroes?

Where have all the heroes gone? -the ones with the tiny voices -the ones that live in our heads You know what I mean... -the ones that say people are more precious than guns -that loving your neighbour is cool... Continue Reading →

Guilty or Not?

"A crystal clear conscience has so little bearing on one's innocence." ©Vivian Zems (# The American Sentence-17 syllables in a sentence)

Pure Weakness 

He had Qualms coming forward  Filled with an almighty dread What would they think of him If he showed  Forgiveness instead  He'd vowed to seek revenge  The cost of which was high Their total destruction  Was a show of his... Continue Reading →

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