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The Battlefield

I have a theory about our fears; they're always there, always murmuring- they never seem to go away. Sometimes, they whisper..but oft times they shout- especially when we want to take a step forward into the unknown. The battle never... Continue Reading →

The Sceptre of Ibiza

The King of Ibiza regarded this dimunitive woman with disdain. His ministers sniggered as they watched the exchange. Pointing tiresomely to the towering City Sceptre he said, "Only the destruction of my Sceptre will ensure my GO AWAY!" Without... Continue Reading →

The Mountain 

If you stop to look  at this mountain  You will find You will not climb If you stop to look At this mountain  You'll be outrun You'll be un-done Puncture this mirage Create a new Camouflage  To look at a... Continue Reading →

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