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Take My Hand

There's nothing new under the sun. Human emotions are all the same. Joy, happiness, pain and sorrow -they are the same. There's a poem I wrote last year that went thus: " If I had a super power, I would... Continue Reading →

How did….?

Compassion become a curse Open hearts become trampled on Meaningful gestures get misinterpreted Pitying become so despised Acts of kindness become easily forgotten Selflessness become such a rarity Sheltering a lost soul become dangerous Inner reflection become a joke Open... Continue Reading →

From Friendship

Standing shoulder to shoulder- love grows from friendship brothers and sisters we are -all hewn from friendship compassion's face forms in full glow empathy's gift born and nurtured from friendship hope looms anew when born in acquiescence sorrow's sighs echo... Continue Reading →

Christmas is Here!!

A King is born lamb of love and sacrifice a path is made ©Vivian Zems (#senryu) Carpe Diem Haiku Kai #1333

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