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Broken Crayons

I belong to a 50+-strong family Whatsapp group. Every so often, one of my cousins shares an article that's inspiring and thought-provoking. The last 2 lines of this poem were taken from one such article shared by my cousin, Theo.... Continue Reading →

Seize the Day…All of it!

How easy it is to be swept through a be buried under a tsunami of worries and chores. We each cope differently with this stress..some better than others. I've learned that if I don't harness my mind to gain... Continue Reading →

Shades of Me

Colour me brown a clue to my hue -the very shade of me Tincture me chocolate with tones of caramel -not quite a chameleon -only the sun’s rays decide that as they run their tinting  fingers all over my skin... Continue Reading →

Black And Proud

An end to hate; dreamed a dream to defend my race pride in my dark hue judged, only by character not the colour of my skin (#Tanka) Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge # 45 – #Haiku #Haibun or #Tanka: Hate & Pride Frank Tassone... Continue Reading →

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