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White Hand of Moses

Spring exhales new life Trees bloom by the Hand of God A resurrection ©Vivian Zems Inspired by: The Rubaiyat  (4th verse) Now the New Year reviving old Desires, The thoughtful Soul to Solitude retires, Where the WHITE HAND OF MOSES... Continue Reading →

Phoenix Rising

 (Daily Post)   This feeling Of well-being Must be a ploy A trick by the devil Some sort of decoy I’m shooting up without classes An Apprentice , taking chances Like a Phoenix from the ashes Avoiding the clashes Why... Continue Reading →

Mind My Own Business

(Daily Post) You may have asked for forgiveness Who knows? It's none of my business You may have asked for Grace Who knows? It's definitely not my place You may have awoken from your reverie with a Jolt Simply assuming  I’d... Continue Reading →

Love my Neighbour as Myself? Maybe….. Maybe not (The Pharisee)

  As I awake and look to the sky I thank my God that He has placed me so high I pray all the time , volunteer when I can Give to the poor, and of you, God- a devoted... Continue Reading →

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