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Christmas Magic

Family gathers ’round the Christmas tree, Laden with ornaments and many gifts, Children lean in close, excitedly Wondering what Santa’s workshop brought Readying their voices to shout 'yippee!' Jittery hands peel back layers of wrapping Santa granted their wishes and... Continue Reading →

What Brings You Joy?

Laughter of children From shrieks to baritone yells Like oak trees they grow From shrieks to baritone yells From toddlers to hulking teens From Mum's hugs to first loves Like oak trees they grow Giving me joy-if you must know... Continue Reading →

The Wardrobe

Jackie was startled by the sudden commotion. Alex and Sylvia tore past her, shrieking at the top of their lungs. Panic seized her as she propelled herself after them.... Finish the story in Tales in Teacups ©Vivian Zems Friday Fictioneers with... Continue Reading →

An Ode to the Kids

Every parent feels this way…..but it's important to let our kids know sometimes. I will always fight for you Never leave or forsake you Crawl over hot coals for you Never let you down Whether you’re up or down Even... Continue Reading →

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