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Where Did ‘Good’ Go?

I only have to pick any news snippet nowadays to read an article that makes my blood boil. It sometimes seems as though the world has lost its head! Here's a cherita poem to reflect my thoughts: When the aroma... Continue Reading →

The New-Born

I consider myself a student of poetry and love to play around with as many forms as possible. However, every so often, a poem just flows from my pen...and I leave it there- sans punctuation - as I would while... Continue Reading →

Thistles and Thorns

Adam began this first walk Born of disobedience Giving birth to cursed ground From brambles and briers To thistles and thorns Toiling & grabbing life by the horns (#Cherita) ©Vivian Zems December Writing Prompts 2/31

Dinner Time

My chicks squeal in protest Their beaks agape with hunger And squalls becoming stronger Searching over hills With the eyes of a mother A hare for dinner (#Cherita) ©Vivian Zems Posted for dVerse poets Pub- Hosted by Kim Russell.  Inspired by... Continue Reading →

Paddy Fields

The rice harvested Under the glare Of an Indian sun From flooded fields To the microwave One of many journeys (#Cherita) ©Vivian Zems Micropoetry Month #3 A Cherita is a six line story-poem form invented by Ai Li, broken into... Continue Reading →

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