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Emotions are the most unreliable of the human instinct - I find. They are fleeting; disappearing into the abyss just as quickly as they arrive. I constantly push them aside... just so I can see clearly. This write is more... Continue Reading →

Variegated Vessels

Following the course of life Meandering From dawn to twilight With tributaries of fate As variegated vessels Carry life blood To beating hearts As venous networks seen Through translucent skin So life runs its course Changing directions Only by decisions... Continue Reading →

Melting Ice

Frozen still A block of ice remains Cold air flows A block of ice remains Arctic winds blow A block of ice remains Perchance sunlight's warmth Touches it's face Melting hubris to humility Perchance warm hands caress This block of... Continue Reading →

Ghostly Notes

(#Nonet) Ebbing and flowing within our  souls Targeting our hands, feet and hearts Nostrils flare, hearts beat faster Notes levitating souls Music, our freedom Losing ourselves As we close Entranced Eyes Copyright 2017- Vivian zems

No U-turns

(#Cinqain) Ago In the distance Setting life to 'forwards' To look back is to recreate The past Copyright -2017 Vivian Zems  Daily post :Recreate

Beware ‘1984’- An Essay

I first read George Orwell's 1984 when I was 17 years old. Since then, I've re-read it 3 more times. Orwell's concept has forever fascinated me. For those who need a reminder, the main character, Winston Smith lives in an... Continue Reading →

The Fight for Her Life

The Big C is her enemy It stalks her everywhere she goes She's been told it will get her When that will be She doesn't know She runs and runs Trying to outsmart it But it comes from a bad... Continue Reading →

True Colours

Money simply magnified his true personality. The End Copyright © 2017Vivian Zems

A Measure of Time

Time Measured By randomness Events coinciding Their results sometimes colluding To bring about a change within your soul Eternal rest, roads paved with gold If rooted to this earth, Questioning death Fearing Time Copyright © 2017 Vivian Zems    ... Continue Reading →

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