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Choosing Them Wisely

The times..... when a mind is ground to powder when tears spring when even the sky cries and the rivers rise When...... time has no meaning and words have lost theirs It is then...... that we realise that a word... Continue Reading →

Change Awaits

There’s a certain tragedy in starting a race and not finishing it In making a promise and not delivering it Beware the danger of ‘the incomplete’ -detest delicious distraction -abhor the mediocrity of simply existing -avoid the graveyard of coulda-shoulda-woulda... Continue Reading →


Moments pass us by, sometimes making sense slipping in the past as impermanence holding on to those things we cherish dissipating wisps of smoke as impermanence laughter in green fields become evanescent ghostly fleeting memories as impermanence transient lives in... Continue Reading →

Same, Same but Different

A Roman to the Romans Grecian to the Greeks So the imposter changes Rather than speaks I'm careful of this creature I've seen his type before Skilled in deception and pretense A chameleon- that's for sure ©Vivian Zems My second... Continue Reading →

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