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Blood Speaks Louder

Who could have known that this was the year of reckoning? That its blank pages would fill with the battle of death and courage? That the voices of all our ancestors would start to paint the picture in part while... Continue Reading →

About Me

As I was saying...... It’s not in people-pleasing or serving everyone but me It’s not in proving myself while cheating myself out of love of self But it’s in the sweet melody of the ink in my veins pouring from... Continue Reading →

Keeping Vigil

I see she's been crying by her wet puffy eyes I see she's been aging troubles march across her face Her dress- once flowery is charred with terror Her back-once straight sags under worry-weight I sit with London I share... Continue Reading →

The Sound of Ink

Inching to the light on word-laden heavy feet boiling ink roars in my ears throb in my fingers no longer blood in my veins ink's screams yearning be heard ©Vivian Zems (#Sedoka) Sue Vincent's #writephoto

Things That Make You Go…….

Joy Bubbles beneath A thin veneer Hearts flutter, blood roars Hmmm.... (An Elfje Poem) Copyright  © 2017 -Vivian Zems

Keira’s Voice

(Blood Into Ink Writing Prompt Challenge) The scream cut through the quiet night. It was piercing and animalistic. Peter jerked awake. Confused, he scrambled for the bedside light switch,  but Samantha, his wife, had beaten him to it. They both... Continue Reading →

The Flood

He built a house A beautiful home He filled it with people So he was never alone But he built his home on mud They were happy for years  Were the envy of their peers And they survived Through blood,... Continue Reading →

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