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Blame, to me - is a lifeline for lovers of victimhood "It’s not our fault- it's theirs!"..they bleat as chaos escorts them in the streets "Forgive us!"….isn’t a phrase you’ll ever hear neither coming from their lips nor tapping on... Continue Reading →

Dingle Berries

The pointing of fingers All pointed at him Says more about them Than it does about him Look! They cry Craning necks to see Guilty they say While skeletons in cupboards Are quietly hidden  Away Dingle berries they are -The... Continue Reading →

An Enemy to Defeat

I braced myself As the battle began My enemy was ready So I held myself steady I crushed despair I defeated hate The argument of blame I quickly put to shame The issue of my value I knocked that askew... Continue Reading →

Little Bo-Peep

(6 word story)   Little Bo-Peep blamed her sheep.   The End.

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