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Wake Up!




It's my mum's birthday. There are no words to describe my Angel on earth. Love you Mummy !❤️ When I search the remarkable places in my mind you’re always there Your words -no matter how far away continue to enfold... Continue Reading →

No Room at the Circus

A day at the circus entrance is free standing room only so bad-we can't see I carve a fence hole and peer within space for four eyes to hold I draw mum closer to me our eyes pull to see... Continue Reading →

Sea of Chardonnay

Ignored chardonnay  she celebrates her birthday  buoyed by life's highs ©Vivian Zems (#senryu) January Writing Prompts 10/31    

The Gift

The day was fast approaching and I wasn't sure how to deal with it. Mark, my eight year-old would be celebrating his ninth birthday tomorrow. He'd asked me repeatedly if mummy would call. I'd smile wanly and change the subject.... Continue Reading →

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