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My City

Welcome to my city where the breadth of its beauty might be dictated by the depth of your pocket The sights and sounds of tourists all year round mask the death and decay that fill some with dismay If you... Continue Reading →


Flawless   If beauty were such a thing it would reign supreme it would be bottled in expensive lotions and sold as the only thing worth considering That's how I feel Oh! What was I thinking? Society already does that!... Continue Reading →


(#Chaucerian stanza) Expelled from heaven For the sin of pride Beauty, her only weapon She searches with nowhere to hide So with mankind she must abide Infesting man with her sin Blending in- as though kin Copyright -2017 Vivian Zems... Continue Reading →

Broken Beautifully 

(Image by Cindysart) How beautiful  To be broken  It's a gift Not just a token  This rare gift is free To look On the inside of me Pieces all around  I gather the good bits Form a Uniform mound  Sad bits... Continue Reading →

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