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Needle and Dread

Shaney jumped involuntarily. But so did everyone else in the makeshift tent. The bomb had seemed a little too close for comfort. She’d volunteered to assist in the war by coming to the frontline- but was already regretting that decision.... Continue Reading →

My Monster

This monster I keep or does it keep me? lives in my pocket under lock and key I count my victories soul exploring mysteries mind expounding theories a respite to do 'me' Now and again it tries to break free... Continue Reading →

The Invisible War

  Strange things are afoot Beyond the realms Of our consciousness Beings in conflict Without frailty or exhaustion Good and Evil battle on ©Vivian Zems (#Cherita) Using synonyms 1. odd 2. fight 3. start 4. weak 5. tired MLMM Saturday... Continue Reading →

An Enemy to Defeat

I braced myself As the battle began My enemy was ready So I held myself steady I crushed despair I defeated hate The argument of blame I quickly put to shame The issue of my value I knocked that askew... Continue Reading →

Locked And Loaded

(A haiku poem) Finding some Paper Eyes shift mischievously Pen, weapon of choice Copyright © 2017 Vivian Zems (image by ConradRuiz)

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