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Day 20: Volcano

The adjective ‘unperfect’ is the same as imperfect and has practically dropped out of favour...but it's still a word. it wasn’t perfection she was after not even extremely good manners and wasn't bothered with education she thought unperfect was fine anything would... Continue Reading →

Changing My Name

I want to change my name I want to be called 'cherished' I want to be called 'worthy' the old, bad names that bathed me in acid and fire sometimes call out to me in my night terrors sometimes they... Continue Reading →

Dare to Sing like…..

abuse loses strength silence- no longer golden the canary sings ©Vivian Zems #NaHaiWrimo, # Micropoetry - Sings Image by Bijoux Chima

Safe and Sound

Linda coughed painfully. She clutched 3 year-old Jessica tightly. "MA'AM! WE NEED TO MOVE BACK - NOW!" shouted a nearby fireman, "THE FIRE'S........  Finish the story in Tales in Teacups ©Vivian Zems Flash Fictioneers with Rochelle Image: J. Hardy Carroll


How a hand so smooth Can cause so much violence Without a wrinkle ©Vivian Zems Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku #174

Keira’s Voice

(Blood Into Ink Writing Prompt Challenge) The scream cut through the quiet night. It was piercing and animalistic. Peter jerked awake. Confused, he scrambled for the bedside light switch,  but Samantha, his wife, had beaten him to it. They both... Continue Reading →

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