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Change Awaits

There’s a certain tragedy in starting a race and not finishing it In making a promise and not delivering it Beware the danger of ‘the incomplete’ -detest delicious distraction -abhor the mediocrity of simply existing -avoid the graveyard of coulda-shoulda-woulda... Continue Reading →


Do Black People Cycle??

I simply had to share this post after a rather interesting day at work. While working on the teeth of an elderly gentleman, we engaged in a conversation about cycling. I told him that I had recently picked up this... Continue Reading →

The Food We Eat

Can bitter words poison the bearer? Do sweet words nourish? Is a silence that is no longer quiet filled with the acrid taste regret? At any given time on any given day there is flavour to be found in every... Continue Reading →

A View From My Window

Because of a grain of faith (so small - it is unseen) -my eyes flee a grimy past and rove a majestic landscape waiting- just for me I stare in awe through a window of wonders as the future is... Continue Reading →

Morning Observations

It’s 5 AM and the streets are quiet. I park my car by a corner-shop and pause to search for change. Passing me, in a crab-like walk, is a man. His head bobs and lolls as he shuffles down the... Continue Reading →

Smellthecoffee has a new logo!

And the question is: Where to put it?🤔

The Pilgrim Poet’s Progress

On the way to purpose is a road paved with plans -with potholes of mistakes and puddles of complication And just to add some spice.... are a myriad of land mines that are guaranteed to blow up your life But... Continue Reading →

A Spark

-Rupi Kaur Even if you are labelled as unworthy even if you are dragged into the dark even if you despise your own weakness even if you are beaten in body in mind in spirit Even if your mind unravels... Continue Reading →

Let’s Bury Our Heads

If the mind of the flesh is death and the mind of the spirit is life and peace then surely the voice of silence is an abyss of empty darkness while heads buried in the sand (maybe from fear) (maybe... Continue Reading →

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