Smell The Coffee

Wake Up!

Coffee Break

Do you summon my image in that steaming cup of coffee? Do you remember me as a time of the day or as a street we used to walk through- hand in hand? Do you hearken back to our youth... Continue Reading →


A Dying Earth

A poem is a land with oceans and shores looking up at swelling moons and shrinking suns that live in cloud-choked skies that spend their days and nights stretching over a dying earth ©Vivian Zems Real Toads- Tuesday Platform

Featured!! (The Pilgrim Poet)

I'm heartened to have had Author, Khaya Ronkainen interview me on her blog. Follow the interview HERE

The Nature Of Water

If water had a shape would it be as calm as a lake or possess the muscles of the ocean? If water had a voice would it gurgle with glee or roar as it cascades off rocks? If water had... Continue Reading →

The Good,The Bad and The Ugly Critic

What to say about negative criticism? The very definition of criticism has negative connotations- so how much more the ‘negative’? There’s the delivery, and the receiving, of negative criticism. We’re all different, so there’s bound to be a myriad of... Continue Reading →


It's my mum's birthday. There are no words to describe my Angel on earth. Love you Mummy !❤️ When I search the remarkable places in my mind you’re always there Your words -no matter how far away continue to enfold... Continue Reading →

Black Market

Summer of 1985, and the Ethiopian sun bakes my head as I wait for our driver to pick me up from school. Waiting for mummy to come back from her shopping, I’m hungry and practice my break- dance moves in... Continue Reading →

Bearers of Silence

Beware the bearers of silence for they are showing  you a strength in carrying weighted words Words- nestled in a voiceless box that rearrange themselves but are in no hurry to be released Words that lie in a languid stupor... Continue Reading →


Our minds tell us to stay where we are ..not to rock the boat to ignore that mountain but there’s the other half of it ...words we hear only in the darkroom telling us to detest mediocrity to embrace and... Continue Reading →

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