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Wrong Tunnel

My heels echo in the tunnel. The 3 figures before me stop. NOT SAFE! With whoops of laughter, they charge! My fangs elongate. Dinner time! (C)- Vivian Zems  140 characters Twittering Tale #55

I Deserve the Best!

Too fat! Too thin! Too ugly! Not-quite-right! Urgh-poor! Rapunzel stormed back to her sewing, fuming. Mr Perfect had better be along now or ELSE! (C)-Vivian Zems 140 characters Previously on Rapunzel  Twittering Tale #54

Tree house Hugger

The hapless workers and Martha were at a stalemate. "You have 30 seconds!" shouted the foreman. "Do your worst," she screamed, "I dare you!" (C)- Vivian Zems 140 characters Twittering Tale  #53

Lost in Translation

  -Oh my! When you said you were a clown I didn't realise that it was ur actual job!? -Oops! When it said 'blind date', I thot it mnt BLIND date! 140 characters Twittering Tale #52

Mirror, Mirror!

(Twittering Tale) Mirror mirror, am I the prettiest one of all? You wld be if only you'd eat the apple you were given! Apples, not chips! WHAT? Just go on a diet! 140 characters Copyright 2017- Vivian Zems Twittering Tale... Continue Reading →

The Fork

(#Twittering Tale) They arrive exhausted at the fork. Left! He shouted Right! She answered No, left! Okay, right NO! I mean my left -he cries You're Right! My Left! 140 characters Twittering Tale #50

The Wait

(#Twittering Tale) Me: I've been here for ages! What gives? Him: What, nobody told you? Me: WHAT? Him: Here's a clue; Room 1- Heaven, Room 2 -Hell, Room 3-Returns THE END 140 characters Twittering tale #49    


Twittering Tale As we played, one marble rolled away and disappeared into a hole in the wall. I bent low to see and sat up in shock; an eyeball stared back. (140 Characters) Copyright-2017 Vivian Zems Twittering Tale Challenge

Ta-Dah – Indeed!

The pain of betrayal The sting of your lies You strung us along With you soothing our cries You, pretending to be us Now, nothing more to discuss (140 characters) Copyright©2017- Vivian Zems Twittering  Tales #45

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