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My “Robinson Crusoe Phase”- Coping With Covid-19

I don’t count the lockdown days anymore. What began as an enthusiastic rolling-up-of-sleeves-to-tackle-all-those-unfinished-projects battle cry.....has slowly morphed into large helpings of ice cream, huge chunks chocolate with lethal doses of Netflix! I’m calling this the "Robinson Crusoe phase" of my... Continue Reading →

Distracted Days

I wonder at the world in which we live.  Distracted days filled with the inane chatter of the putting away of crowns by princes- while floods steal the lives of innocents next door. Where human torches blend with the fiery... Continue Reading →

Where Growth Happens

Is there beauty in suffering? Is there greatness at the end of pain? Great men and women tell stories of having emerged from the fire. I find myself travelling the same road-but not by choice. These men and women grew... Continue Reading →

Do Black People Cycle??

I simply had to share this post after a rather interesting day at work. While working on the teeth of an elderly gentleman, we engaged in a conversation about cycling. I told him that I had recently picked up this... Continue Reading →

Red Ribbon

It was time! Paula, whipped out her lucky red ribbon, as she and Rita raced towards their fighter jets. Within moments they were airborne. Rita fell in behind Paula- scanning her radar. All too soon, she picked up a menacing... Continue Reading →

The Artist

The muffled crying was making it difficult for Count Vasti to focus. “Will you keep that down!”he growled at the source of the irritating sound. He glared at the girl tied to a makeshift gurney in the centre of the... Continue Reading →

Needle and Dread

Shaney jumped involuntarily. But so did everyone else in the makeshift tent. The bomb had seemed a little too close for comfort. She’d volunteered to assist in the war by coming to the frontline- but was already regretting that decision.... Continue Reading →

Flash Fiction: Day 299

For Dverse, a 144 word flash fiction including the line ‘When far away, an interrupted cry’.   Diary entry 299. That's the number of days it's been since London fell. The generator powering this observatory is rapidly failing and and I... Continue Reading →

Hidden Scars

I was watching a youtube video last week, where the actor Terry Crews was reciting the story of his childhood. I was so shocked at what he was saying that I actually dropped my phone! How did Mr Crews know... Continue Reading →

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