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Its Not What It Looks Like- Just Take The Test Part 1

Quicken (Daily Post) Louisiana Literacy Test - 1960's This 10 minute test was introduced to discourage  potential black voters from registering. There are several other tests but this one takes the biscuit. My heart  had quickened  by the time I'd reached... Continue Reading →

“Who do you trust, me or your lying eyes?”

  Guess who this post is about? Trump has taken the art of gas lighting to a whole new level. The technique involves saying and doing things and then denying it, blaming others for misunderstanding, disparaging their concerns as oversensitivity,... Continue Reading →

Cross this Spot Off Your Holiday List

Via The Daily Post There's a pretty little village of 5,000 on the Serbo-Hungarian border, called Ásotthalom- a two-hour drive from Budapest. It is run by  Toroczkai Laszlo, the mayor- also vice-president of JOBBIK,  a xenophobic nationalist party.   Last summer, he created... Continue Reading →


  England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Island form the sovereign state of ‘United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Island’ (UK) also known as Britain. The Referendum On June 23, 2016 a referendum was held in the UK on whether... Continue Reading →

Grace and Power- Michelle Obama

No Words Needed ...............     (courtesy of Channel 4 News)

Smooth Operator

  Of all Obama's achievements, a couple come to mind that are straight out of a Hollywood movie. The day $400 million was flown to Iran under the radar On January 17, 2016, a jetliner loaded with $400 million in... Continue Reading →

Obama’s Legacy

Since his initiation as the first African American President in 2008, and the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama has made his mark in history by being the author of several landmark changes, a few of which are... Continue Reading →

The Emperor’s New Clothes

Some of you may be familiar with Hans Christian Andersen's fable with the above title. ( The tale is one of fear of truth, vanity, and the voice of consciousness. In this fun story, The Emperor is swindled into having... Continue Reading →

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