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Why?? Manchester Bombing

(#Haibun) My heart goes out to the victims and their families for suffering this heinous crime. Having studied and had two of my children in Manchester, I feel chilled at what other parents are having to go through. The sight... Continue Reading →

Hoisted By His Own Pertard

I'd promised myself a well-earned rest from Trump, as we've got other problems here - -- like Brexit, for starters. (UK) But I just heard this....... and couldn't resist! Enjoy!

It’s Their Fault!

Here we go again. I'm like a moth drawn to a flame with Trump-ish-ness.  So, Trump's latest gaffe is firing FBI director- Comey, as well as potential evidence of obstructing investigations (Trump/Russia) etc. Effectively, he's made a Farce of the... Continue Reading →

Your Money or Your File!! (CYBER ATTACK)

Yesterday saw an unprecedented cyber attack on over 57000 computers in 74 countries. It felt like an episode from a sci-fi movie! Hacking software widely believed to have been developed by the US National Security Agency were stolen  some time... Continue Reading →

Welcome to Orania

(Daily Post) I couldn't make this up if I tried. No doubt, I'd be accused of spinning a Yarn. Nonetheless, here's a short video introducing you to this 'wonderful' town in heart of South Africa's Northern Cape, where the spirit of... Continue Reading →

Yemen – What’s Going On?

Yemen has been thrown into a humanitarian crisis. The Spike in fighting across central and western Yemen has led to the displacement of over 3M out of a population of 27M as well as starvation on a massive scale. Here's... Continue Reading →

Is Chicago Really Murder-Central?

(Daily Post) Chicago’s murder rate is high, but not as high as Donald Trump Blindly intimated on his twitter feed. It actually had the eighth-highest murder rate among big U.S. cities in 2016. During the mid-1990s, Chicago experienced a higher... Continue Reading →

To The Terrorist :

Image - courtesy of BBC ( a case of non-Acceptance  ) Yesterday, you committed an act of utter cowardice in my city. You took the lives of 4 innocent people and got your just desserts in the process. TODAY is... Continue Reading →

It’s Not What it Looks like -Part 2

It's Not What it Looks like -Part 2 via Daily Post Following the first part of this article, I could see the similarities between how black voters were ostracised in America in the 60's from voting- and the recent Muslim... Continue Reading →

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