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Floating lanterns

Japanese Floating Lantern Festival The lantern festival is to mark the end of the festival of the dead. Traditionally these small paper lanterns are set alight at night, and released up to the sky, or set afloat a river /... Continue Reading →

A Poetry Thing

Rhyme Weaving Words together Creating an image An image that burns into the soul Conjuring, painting, exposing all truth My tapestry is rich and full Come hither, read these words Together, we Can all Rhyme (A Rictameter Poem) Copyright  ©... Continue Reading →

My Windows

Gaze Out Through The windows of My soul, enticed by things Taking me away from my goal Greedily believing I want them all Don't look too hard at lofty things Summoning the Moxie As eyes flicker Flitting Gaze Copyright ©... Continue Reading →

A Measure of Time

Time Measured By randomness Events coinciding Their results sometimes colluding To bring about a change within your soul Eternal rest, roads paved with gold If rooted to this earth, Questioning death Fearing Time Copyright © 2017 Vivian Zems    ... Continue Reading →

A Small Member

(A Rictameter Poem) Oft Praises Shouting curses Using to pour blessings Not hesitating to redress Sending greetings of the best in good health Whispering gossip under breath The tongue, a small member Speaks hurt but it Forgets Oft Copyright ©... Continue Reading →


Heart Pumping To stay alive An organ truly grand About the size of your right hand A look is enough to know who you are Your big heart can be heard breaking Can shut down, shattering It's always good to... Continue Reading →

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