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Back To The Future

Dear Viv, Try not to scream when you read this It's from future-you to present-me Take heed, these words-do not dismiss Pay close attention-so your eyes see In three days you will play the lottery The numbers you use will... Continue Reading →

Hippee Harbour

With her mini skirt and bright coloured shirt she's unencumbered by life's sorry dirt the past left in yesterday readying for new days her makeup just says "I'm ready to play!" ever ready-her harbour for ships to lay anchor carefree... Continue Reading →

Love’s Graveyard

I recently attended a Chris Rock show which was highly entertaining. Between laughs, he proceeded to tell us about his marriage, his infidelity and resulting divorce. His story is the inspiration for this poem. Intense attraction their story once upon... Continue Reading →

Drilling for Joy

Patient number three we'll call him Mr X saunters into surgery all smiles and no vex eyes twinkle with mirth emanating power and swagger my mission-foremost and first to fix his niggling molar he breaks out in song chilled demeanour... Continue Reading →

Winter Chills

Winter's violence arrives with force Chilling and slicing winds to exhaust Wrapping blankets, steaming breaths Shivering in cold, avoiding biting frost (#Quatrain) ©Vivian Zems Micropoetry Month 19/30

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