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Day 16: Let’s NOT Compare

Unmet expectations are the root of discord we envy from afar those things we cannot afford -comparing the inside of us to the outside of you The twain shall never meet -such things- better left- unexplored   ©Vivian Zems #NaPoWriMo... Continue Reading →


Day 15: The Slave Master

There's a tragedy in not being able to control one's thoughts or emotions. I learned this at an early age from my father. He was a man of few words and wouldn't act on a decision until an argument had... Continue Reading →

Day 14- Invisible Ink

Words strut and prance           dressed up in metaphors                   engaged in a dance                            ... Continue Reading →

Day 13: Offspring

It isn’t in the slowing of the wind or the warming of air Neither is it the encroachment of light or fading of shadows But it is in the deafening silence of a still Spring night that trees give birth... Continue Reading →

Day 12: Ink that Bleeds

The prompt today is this: "write about love for someone who does not know you love them". Well, everyone in my life already knows I love them....I'm boring that way. So, I've used my imagination ....... what else? my pen... Continue Reading →

Day 11 : Glass Ceilings

when i want to create a new reality out of thin air i don't claw at the sky searching for that glass ceiling (that tries to keep me rooted in fear) I just pick up my pen and pretend it's... Continue Reading →

Day 10 : A Poet’s Function

In these last days poets are like creatures raised who rail against stupidity against inhumanity and against death and destruction we try to make sense of it all But they also serenade us with love and laughter tempt us... Continue Reading →

Day 9 : In the Beginning…..

In the beginning after the world was formed and mountains took shape and rivers determined to snake It was only at that point with the birth of flesh did breath become air and our eyes skywards-stared ©Vivian Zems #NaPoWriMo 2019-... Continue Reading →

Day 8: Monuments and Legacies

in a thousand years to come what will they say of poets and their words? will words not be as monuments to these times? from one millennia to the next as long as breath carries speech words will never die... Continue Reading →

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