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I Hear Silence

I hear silence in the deepest dark as it tip-toes on padded feet carefully stepping around the fractures of my mind not making a sound as it leaves me as quiet as can be ©Vivian Zems (#nonet) Real Toads- Fussy... Continue Reading →

Turn The Page

“It is the burden of life to be many ages without seeing the end of time.” from Seven in the Woods / Dead Man’s Float   If I could live a thousand more lifetimes my life’s story would never change I would make... Continue Reading →

Sumptuous and Sweet

In this fight to regain my waistline I eschew all things delicious nibbling on salad stalks crying over porridge sans sugar- sans joy I'm giving up! I just want hard boiled sweets! ©Vivian Zems (#Nonet) February Writing Prompts 12/28 Real... Continue Reading →

My Stairway

I look up and can envision my goal I take one step, then another up this stairway of 'success' worth every blood tear behind me-defeat lifting my head taking stairs upwards  Up ©Vivian Zems (#Nonet) Real Toads ~ Stairs

Royal Moon

She makes no attempt to hide her face this Royal reigns in darkness' heights subjects twinkle-subdued lights tree branches reach with plead to touch royalty hoping to feel Royal Moon's shining face ©Vivian Zems (A Nonet Poem- 9 through to... Continue Reading →

Rusty Bearings

  Such souls as you see lost their bearings navigating life's true compass they failed to oil it with love forgetting hopes' solvent  A rusty compass is of no use in this life without oil  ©Vivian Zems (#nonet) January Writing... Continue Reading →

Feeding The Ego

Feeding this ego-a full time job Compliments and hails- it eats up "So handsome, so rich, so wise" But still- it wants some more "The best, the greatest" Unsatisfied This ego Wants some MORE!   ©Vivian Zems Micropoetry Month 29/30

Plants and Kisses

  Such is the soil in which we now grow Watered and nurtured, unfettered  Thirstily drinking through roots Bathing in sunshine's kiss Wave leaves in the wind Bowing stems low Honouring Fertile Soil ©Vivian Zems (#Nonet)

Cradled and Cocooned

I want to wrap my arms around you Keeping you wrapped in candyfloss  Wrapping you in loves' cocoon  Whispering sweet nothings Cradle you to sleep Says the spider To the scared Hapless Fly ©Vivian Zems November Writing Prompts 

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