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Dinner Date

Sally-Fly wriggles her hips flexing wings to full size pouting tubular lips while batting netted eyes Hanky-Spidy, her admirer makes her feel prettier He says he'll prove his love tonight -over home cooked dinner! ©Vivian Zems Real Toads- Insects and... Continue Reading →

Ransom on its Way!

A kidnapper makes the call gleefully dreaming of his windfall With a voice laced with honey he demands all the money reciting his bank details and all! ©Vivian Zems Today at dVerse, and we are to write a funny poem beginning... Continue Reading →

I’m Not Paying!

A tax-man came to my door who wanted to even the score but unknown to him I'd had vodka and gin and he ended back-flat on the floor! ©Vivian Zems (#Limerick) Real Toads- Satire

The Stable Genius

There once was a stable genius whose house was pure and white he never reacted or got furious and his words were sweetness and light ©Vivian Zems  

Royal Excursions

There once was a Prince named Harry Who was ordered a bride named Sally But try as he might Sally filled him with fright So he chose a Meghan to marry ©Vivian Zems (#limerick) December Writing Prompts 27/31  

Night’s Adventures

She tears off flesh and smacks her lips A protein diet- good for her hips Lady-wolf with a difference Stealing wallets, her recompense Better for jewels than fish and chips ©Vivian Zems (#limerick) Limerick: a humorous five-line poem with a... Continue Reading →

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