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From Friendship

Standing shoulder to shoulder- love grows from friendship brothers and sisters we are -all hewn from friendship compassion's face forms in full glow empathy's gift born and nurtured from friendship hope looms anew when born in acquiescence sorrow's sighs echo... Continue Reading →

The Bridge Beyond

Submerged in a milk-bath of bliss a mind reflects -as thoughts emerge Unmoving as the long since dead unstirred and unruffled -as thoughts emerge Clarity of vision as mirrored images flash past unhurried kaleidoscope -as thoughts emerge Mayhap life will... Continue Reading →

Here Come the Resolutions…..

A new year beckons saying 'hello' dreams on paper -as resolutions go I vow to wax lyrical at every chance death to procrastination -as resolutions go I promise to love more - starting with me eat less, move more -as... Continue Reading →


Moments pass us by, sometimes making sense slipping in the past as impermanence holding on to those things we cherish dissipating wisps of smoke as impermanence laughter in green fields become evanescent ghostly fleeting memories as impermanence transient lives in... Continue Reading →


-is the thought of families together and embracing chums 'Tis that time when Christmas comes -is the joy of watching loved ones' faces as feasts are prepared when Christmas comes -is the lightness of spirits as families gather loud raucous... Continue Reading →

Fire In Her Soul

Carved from a rib and yet made whole With sacrifice in her spirit and fire in her soul Gentle in nature and mindful of life Soft hands for caring but with fire in her soul Nurturing nations, raising generations Wisdom... Continue Reading →


Falling in love- not for the faint-hearted - even from afarĀ  Leaves you exposed - even from afar The shield of your heart, laid on the floor Vulnerable heart on show - even from afar Trust is such a risk... Continue Reading →

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