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The Gulf

the scorching passion of a thousand flaming suns can't propel me to where my first sorry tale was spun where bucking wild horses failed to meet my eye and deeply buried secrets-under wraps just lie where an impassable gulf is... Continue Reading →

Thin Ice

There's something to be said for sustained hardship, persecution, maltreatment -call it what you will. It either makes you or breaks you. There doesn't appear to be a straight-forward formula between hardship and the human resolve. Some crack under pressure,... Continue Reading →

The New-Born

I consider myself a student of poetry and love to play around with as many forms as possible. However, every so often, a poem just flows from my pen...and I leave it there- sans punctuation - as I would while... Continue Reading →

The Book of Her Dreams

Reading from the same page that was how it was always meant to be in her visions and rose-tinted dreams but he moved to new chapter and when she was to a blank page the book was shut... Continue Reading →


Daylight and children clap their hands with mirth and glee as clocks jump forward happily swinging on a tree children play wild and free daylight waits for the evening meal ©Vivian Zems (#Cherita) Dverse Tuesday Poetics- Hosted by Lillian

The Observer

   eyes affixed on this landscape clouds darkly, parting gently heaven’s searchlight peering through mountains in shadow a lake without ripple all await their blessings  ©Vivian Zems (#Cherita) Sue Vincents #writephoto 

Disobedient Words

I'm fighting a very bad case of first in 5 years! Writing has become difficult - as my words just won't obey. So I've decided to write about that, instead. Words lie stagnant, unwilling to move neither cajoling nor... Continue Reading →

Lock Down

As a scalded cat shrieks and flees so a wounded heart shrinks within to curling tightness of hurting ball blind to sunlight deaf to melodies muting its cry   ©Vivian Zems (#Cherita) Real Toads ~ Love Hurts  February Writing Prompt~... Continue Reading →

My Shoes

If you walk in my shoes you won't get very far they will pinch and bite if  you don't tap to my destiny, tiptoe around my fears, or moonwalk to my dreams ©Vivian Zems (#Cherita) Poets United Midweek Motif~ Shoes

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