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American Sentence

The Rush

  "Moments tripping over each other, hurrying towards tomorrow." ©Vivian Zems (#American Sentence)


"Money, love and happiness reside separately in harmony". ©Vivian Zems (#American sentence- 17 syllables across) 

Mercy vs Grace

Observe; "Mercy is undeserved Grace while Grace is undeserved Mercy" ©Vivian Zems (#American sentence- 17 syllables across)

What Size is It?

"No matter- little or large a lie forever remains the same size." ©Vivian Zems (#American Sentence- 17 syllables across)

Me thinks……

"You might see me a certain way, but it's how I see myself that counts." ©Vivian Zems (#American sentence- 17 syllables across)

Does Size Matter?

"Proclaiming the size of your nuclear button must mean it's quite small!" ©Vivian Zems (#The American Sentence- 17 syllables across)

Guilty or Not?

"A crystal clear conscience has so little bearing on one's innocence." ©Vivian Zems (# The American Sentence-17 syllables in a sentence)

In Praise (#senryu)

gifts to unwrap eyes and voices raised in praise we remember why ©Vivian Zems Carpe Diem Haiku Kai- a choir of angels

The Art of Boredom

Watching paint dry is a skill of the vacuous and genius alike. ©Vivian Zems (#American Sentence) November Writing Prompts 29/30

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