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A Parent’s Job

Caretaker of you is what I am Holding you close, away from harm Instructing you to live out your dreams Loving you deeply, however life seems Developing your smile and witty charm ©Vivian Zems Poets United - Midweek Motif- A... Continue Reading →

How did….?

Compassion become a curse Open hearts become trampled on Meaningful gestures get misinterpreted Pitying become so despised Acts of kindness become easily forgotten Selflessness become such a rarity Sheltering a lost soul become dangerous Inner reflection become a joke Open... Continue Reading →

We All Have One

An acrostic poem with the word, "MOTHER" Mired in obligations Outsourcing, not an option Tangled cords of love and chores Her spirit embraces all Echoes of laughter bring comfort Resting when the day is done ©Vivian Zems Lillian hosts dVerse... Continue Reading →

Just Chillin’…

(#Acrostic) Relaxing in your embrace Enveloped in your arms Stealing small kisses Telling you that I love you Now for Good Copyright -2017 Vivian Zems  Weekend Writing Prompt #20-Resting


Wouldn't it be wonderful to live in a perfect world? I'm cutting my teeth on an acrostic poem depicting the word; Utopia- with some ideas.   Unending cash flow Tests you already know Open hearts Presents in carts Inner peace And... Continue Reading →

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