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NaPoWriMo April 2018

Light of The World

first shaft of sunlight daffodils preen haughtily lifting my spirits ©Vivian Zems Carpe Diem Haiku Kai- Spring Retreat "Light of the World" Day 16


"So hot the struggle for a spot that it is won" A quote from The Ballad Of The Proverbs - François Villon Life- with its backhand slaps with its flashes of brilliance with its combat boots -isn't for the faint... Continue Reading →

It’s You

 I see you watching me as I apply my makeup -some liner, a little lipstick As I head for my eyebrows I raise them quizzically You smile and shake your head slightly Ah! I see what this is! -a captured... Continue Reading →

A Day Decides

A new day can't decide if it wants to make an appearance It looks around for inspiration stopping to observe the sea kissing the shore It looks in the recent past to see the moon and stars snoring soundly It... Continue Reading →

Prayer Time

Thunder claps above the prayer bell rings storms pause ©Vivian Zems Day 10  

I Wait…

A knife makes its way into the pocket of a boy There's trouble in the streets I wait A gun makes its way into the knapsack of another boy He's headed for school I wait In a land far way... Continue Reading →

The Tale of Two Faces

  My observations: She smirks- even with mask off she dares show her face And then I see her makeup and wonder what lies beneath I think I can guess -That smirk would have gone away -her eyes would dim... Continue Reading →

Poetic Travels

 Beam me a poem make my heart soar paint me an image with just your words Weave me a tale with its thread through this poem Now take me away on this woven carpet and show me your dreams let... Continue Reading →

A Letter From Hell

I open the fan inscribed with my sister's writing Many-a-word she has laid bare I read her words for me only - to share "I've been in hell for many a year but don't cry for me don't shed a... Continue Reading →

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