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NaPoWriMo April 2018

Creaking Bones

Blurred vision at sunrise It's no use looking at my phone A slow shuffle to the shower No longer the canter of yesteryear Silver hairs along my hairline camouflage makeup for them and for me No longer the youth of... Continue Reading →

Kisses and Blows

A view of the ocean reminds me of relationships  I watch the rocks either  being kissed by the waters ever so gently again and again Or the rocks being pounded  into a form of submission  by an insistent ocean ever... Continue Reading →


This journey of self-discovery isn't all it's cracked up to be Though my mind finds precious gems of me my heart speaks a different language entirely It speaks rubbish, as far as I can glean, so I move to my... Continue Reading →

Years on…..

She thought she'd found her soul mate Little did she know -at the end of her rainbow dreams -at her passion's peak that his quest carried on still ©Vivian Zems "One can live without having survived." Carolyn Forche Real Toads... Continue Reading →

Wings of Hope

Dark thoughts carried on the wings of melancholia try to worm their way within dreamless sleep They are beaten back by the arrival of the unicorn It gives her comfort as it weaves its magic Strong limbs remind her of... Continue Reading →

Destiny’s Path

This image -forever sealed in my mind is a metaphor for my path to destiny -there are monsters hidden here- around each corner watchers watch me eerily without sound "Give up!"  mockers jeer so nastily But Dad once told me... Continue Reading →

And the Winner Is……

Cerulean blue skies no longer in despair, embrace the edge of summer A wistful frost dies- giving way to joyous spring as a beaming sun triumphs ©Vivian Zems Real Toads - Get Listed dVerse OLN Day 19


A glimpse of you and my heart is hurled beyond skies somersaulting once and twice more before speeding down aiming true for my core ©Vivian Zems (#Fibonacci) Real Toads - Write here. Write now Day 18  


There he is- resplendent in his black and tan coat -aware of his handsomeness He poses for the camera -giving me-first, one profile then the other as if doing me a great favour I click dutifully on my camera -anxious... Continue Reading →

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