In 2019, I decided to set up my own publishing company, Booksniff Press at the instigation of … wait for it…. the tax man!!
I was disputing the amount of tax I owed and we just kept butting heads. He listened for awhile -and after hearing keywords like book publishing, advertising budget, cover design and web hosting- he said, “I suggest you establish a book publishing company.”
Whether he said this just to get me off the phone or not, I’ll never know. But I took him at his word- and now, I feel a lot more organised. My author expenses and book earnings are now kept separate from my other monies- to everyone’s relief.
I’ve published two books so far under Booksniff Press; one mine- and the other, my daughter’s. I was able to apply the skills I’d garnered from publishing my previous seven books to her book.

Being an independent publisher can be daunting with a steep learning curve.
That said, Booksniff Press is delighted to offer a 20 min FREE consultation to 10 independent authors. Just send me an email with BOOKSNIFF in the subject line and I’ll take it from there.
And now before I go- here’s a publishing checklist for the independent author.

1. Copy edit /proofreading – do you need this?
2. A good book cover!
3. To ISBN or not to ISBN?
4. Author website or book landing page?
5. Do you want to use beta-readers?
6. Do you have a reader magnate to hand?
7. What medium are you using to get your advanced reader copies (ARC) out there ?
8. Amazon only or all online retailers?

There are a few more things to consider- but we’ll save them for our chat.