I’ve recently taken up cycling- in a desperate bid to avoid medication my doctor keeps threatening me with. It’s been an adventure of thrills and spills that have had me laughing (very hard) at myself and reveling in this new endeavor. It took courage to even begin, but I’ve stuck to it, and my confidence is growing slowly.
So far, I’ve been to parks and trails and even took my dog, Zeus with me a few times. Getting on the road, signaling (without falling over) and eventually building up my stamina and fitness is the dream I’m working on; it’ll be my “Everest”.
At the moment, I’m away from my bike and feeling a tad bereft.You know you’ve found a new love when you feel moved to write a poem to your heart’s desire.

the rush of fresh air

my heart beating without a care

‘me’ time- that I don’t have to share

pumping legs that tremble and shake

a whipping wind that keeps me awake

bemused passers-by that do a double-take

….sigh, missing my bike and inking my heart’s ache

©Vivian Zems

Poetry Form: Sevenling, Dverse Poets OLN