For National Poetry Month this year, I wrote the following poem and pasted it on my Facebook page:

In the beginning

after the world was formed

and mountains took shape

and rivers determined to snake

It was only at that point

with the birth of flesh

did breath become air

and our eyes skywards-stared

Well, shortly after, a random man replied to inform me that “the bible doesn’t say this!” I was flummoxed.

Then I got irritated and wrote something back along the lines of “Errr…. there’s a form of writing in this world known as poetry…”. He never replied.

Sadly, this- for me, is where religion clashes with Christianity.

Religion is about rules and faith is about our relationship (with God)- in my opinion.

Here was someone was as blind to poetry as was humanly possible.

How else can this poet interpret the birth of the universe from a biblical perspective …..sheeesh!

Anyway, to save myself the headache, I promptly forgot about the comment …and him.

And I probably need to prepare to be misunderstood several more times.

After all, you can’t please EVERYONE can you?

©Vivian Zems

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