Scattered from north to south

dotted like confetti

a night sky- rich as velvet

holds her children in her mouth

Sirius holds dominion

over Canopus and Rigil

and all others follow suit

-watching their brothers

to see who will obey

and who will revolt

But Mother sky holds her

children at safe distances


Bathing us with her aura

while sharing the constellation of

her heart


©Vivian Zems

Poets United Midweek Motif- Looking at Stars

The Sunday Muse

The top 10 stars:

1-Sirius. (Alpha Canis Majoris)

• 2 – Canopus. (Alpha Carinae)

• 3 – Rigil Kentaurus (Alpha Centauri)

• 4 – Arcturus. (Alpha Bootis)

• 5 – Vega. (Alpha Lyrae)

• 6 – Capella. (Alpha Aurigae)

• 7 – Rigel. (Beta Orionis)

• 8 – Procyon. Alph