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Blurb: Smiles Under Pillows explores the vulnerability of smiles through poetry. Every poem in this collection began with a reaction that reflected its true essence. Whether happy, sad, bitter or angry or sweet, a smile is a language all by its own.
Not only are they the best gift we can give one-another, smiles also enchant, disarm or are worn as masks.
This anthology will seek to elicit one or more of these smiles from you, the reader.

“I move forward with both positive and negative
not allowing the bad to dominate the future
but taking the good with me…
letting it shape each God-given day
After all…
does it not take more courage
to love than to hate?
to forgive than to imprison?
to sacrifice than to ignore?
We all know …and yet the world pretends
(not to know that)
this truth is the way it ought to be”