So, I’ve been working on (and nearly finished editing) Smiles Under Pillows. This is the part I absolutely detest. Anyhow, I’ve been struggling with a foreword and have scrapped several ideas; nothing seems to work.
So, I decided to turn my Foreword into a poem. I’m putting this here for some serious critique- after which I may/may not make revisions.
These words were the only way I could express (with simplicity) what a smile means (for me).
Tugging corners in silent speak
my smile is my armour for when I am meek
Lifting my face and wrapped in demise
a bitter smile escapes to shield my eyes
Whenever my thoughts turn to you
a sweet smile emerges to mask the blues
And when my tears gather, lips quivering in dismay
I pull a smile by its corner to chase them all away
In moments past, my heart flamed with fire
giving my lips their utmost desire
Still, I smile- come what may
and again I’ll smile
©Vivian Zems
Poets United- Poetry Pantry #491