What to say about negative criticism? The very definition of criticism has negative connotations- so how much more the ‘negative’?

There’s the delivery, and the receiving, of negative criticism. We’re all different, so there’s bound to be a myriad of reactions.
Obviously, I can’t depict every scenario here but perhaps by highlighting my experience, you- dear reader- will be able to appreciate that personality type plays a large part in this subject.

I’ve never minded other people’s opinions of me- counting them as ‘fantasy’. ‘Water off a duck’s back’ is the all-encompassing term I would use. Perhaps because I don’t consider myself an authority in anyone else’s life, I’d find it bizarre if someone actually had something negative to say about me. I can’t relate to this in the slightest and quite frankly it says everything about the critic.

I do have exceptions though- and that’s family, work and annoyingly, the tax man. With family, I’ve tended to ‘adjust the volume’ according to who is doing the talking; speakers with good intentions will be heard loud and clear and vice versa.
At work, I’m open to negative criticism, as it has the potential of making me better at what I do and now, this includes my writing as well.
Where my stoicism crumbles is when I listen to that tiny voice in my head. Self-criticism, is a powerful force that can propel or devastate in equal measure. It’s on this battleground that my attention is at its keenest.

But,,,and this is a BIG BUT. I’ll consider entertaining negative criticism from anyone who is willing to take on my struggles, walk in my shoes, fight my demons, and pay my ALL bills.

©Vivian Zems