I’m putting out a call to all available poetry beta readers for my upcoming poetry chapbook, “Smiles Under Pillows”. I normally approach beta readers on social media platforms and it occurred to me to also include those in “blogland.”

“Smiles Under Pillows” was born from the fact that in life, a smile can be applied to almost any situation (except fear and grief, I suppose). Smiles can be happy, sad, rueful, malicious, perplexed, smug, fake, victorious, sisyphean….the list goes on. This book has about 20-25 poems (I’m still mulling over this), so ought not to be a lengthy read.

This anthology will seek to elicit one or more of these smiles from you, the reader. If interested, kindly send me an email in the contact section and I’ll shoot the draft copy (a pdf)  over to you.

Many thanks, guys!