An excerpt from my upcoming poetry chapbook Smiles Under Pillows -(due out at the end of this month)


This poem is taken from the ‘Sad Smiles’ chapter and I thought this image, “Emperor of the dawn” by Quincy Washington , apt to describe the decay of humanity.


There is enough of
the narrow-mind
the unschooled
the uncouth and
the uninformed
to keep the world in constant chaos
and constant flux

The prophets and seers are an aberration…(it seems)
The clothing of truth is nebular
while the coating of lies grows even thicker
on forked tongues
Love has become nothing but a feeling
broken hearts lie bleeding – abandoned on the
trash- heap of life

Child against father
father against mother
brother against sister
and all are proud of it
‘Tis the new normal
..the slew of insanity

…a perfect storm

©Vivian Zems

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