I belong to a 50+-strong family Whatsapp group. Every so often, one of my cousins shares an article that’s inspiring and thought-provoking. The last 2 lines of this poem were taken from one such article shared by my cousin, Theo. I’ve added it to my up-coming poetry chapbook, Smiles Under Pillows. and I’m very grateful to have received such a wonderful snippet of encouragement. (Thanks, Cuz!)

How do you move forward with the positive and the negative
….not allowing ‘the bad’ to dominate the future
but taking the good along?
How do you live with those things you have
but not the things you want?
There are no easy answers….
But brokenness
is part of strength
So we’ll go with this, shall we?: ….
….’even broken crayons
can add colour to life’

©Vivian Zems

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