For Dverse, a 144 word flash fiction including the line ‘When far away, an interrupted cry’.


Diary entry 299. That’s the number of days it’s been since London fell. The generator powering this observatory is rapidly failing and and I fear this will be my final entry. If anyone finds this blog post, know this: The Apocalypse is here.
What began as influenza has morphed into a vicious and unrelenting flesh-eating virus that renders its victim manic. Hordes have destroyed each other and the city. I brought my family here for safety, but sadly they were already infected.
I’m haunted daily by their dying screams. You see, I shot them. Yes, the kids too. I’ve saved one bullet for myself- in case I’m infected as well.
So if you’re reading this, pray that I did what was necessary before turning into an undead horror.

But, just in case, if and when, far away, an interrupted cry rings out behind you……. RUN!

©Vivian Zems