I was watching a youtube video last week, where the actor Terry Crews was reciting the story of his childhood. I was so shocked at what he was saying that I actually dropped my phone! How did Mr Crews know my story…how?…what?…where? And then it dawned on me that this story must have repeated itself in different forms, in different lives…across the ages. But the story was essentially the same.

Recovery from domestic and emotional abuse ( with its mental health consequences) is a many-layered process. Dealing with the shame of ‘allowing it to happen’ or anger at oneself for letting the kids down can prove difficult to deal with. There’s a constant worry (even fear) of being ‘found out’ as ‘the poor victim’…but that must be pride talking. It can’t have escaped you, dear reader, that I can’t/won’t personalise this….not just yet.
There’s still a lot of courage and life-building in play here and thus far, diving headlong into my inky passion has proved to be fruitful. I hope to be able to stand on the face of fear -permanently; so I can be of use to to others in the same position.
Signing off now….. Viv


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