For National Poetry Month,  I began an exercise-or an experiment- to see how challenging it would be to write, format, edit  and publish a poetry book comprising 30 poems- all in one month! Make no mistake, every step I’m taking is a correction of an earlier error made in my previous publishing efforts. I’ve taken full advantage of the Easter break to get as much done, falling asleep at 5am this morning, completing the final 8 poems.

I’m leaving updates on my FB author page and have had great feedback and encouragement. The one thing I did differently this time was to add a tagline- which will be “Verses of April- where poems Spring to life“. (The tag line was supplied by Donna Wilson….thanks Donna!).

My biggest challenge is book marketing …but I’m working on a plan. I’d like it to be free for as long as I can afford it – before it reverts to ‘paid’. Marketing costs money, so  timing is key. Check FB for updates…and watch this space!

Check here for the results