Right, I’m winging it here with a combination of prompts- much like an experiment. I’ve combined the use of homographs with a philosophical question: “Why do we ignore red flags?”. And to top it off, chopped up my prose…and passed it off as a poem! A cardinal sin. But hey, it’s Sunday and I’m fit to drop from exhaustion…..so please be merciful.


Oh, why do you carry out such experiments?
Especially when you subject a subject
to ignore red flags

Why would you do that?

You’re simply putting them in a situation
where their heart will be used like a putting ball
Your subject proceeds further into a dire
situation from which there are no proceeds;
emotional or financial

Why would you do that?

May I suggest the next subject isn’t colour blind
and doesn’t wear those rose-tints?
Perhaps then they will see what needs to be seen
and leave that red flag alone…where its always been

©Vivian Zems

Homographs used: subject, putting and proceeds

Real Toads- Ask a Question, Real Toads-Homographic Fun, Poetry Pantry #443


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