I’ve been pondering the concept of Truth …during my existential musings (as you do), and wonder how you would be able to tell the difference between a truth and a falsehood. And then I thought, we generally don’t care about the truth (just the show)…unless we truly care (about the truth). This sounds so cryptic….I hope it makes sense, when I return to re-read it in a year’s time. Otherwise, here are my thoughts (poetically-speaking).

You try to walk past
pretending you don’t notice
But in true rubber- necking style
you notice her on the pathway
She sits there- legs akimbo
-her nakedness and shame on display
-a feast for the eyes of the world

Her name is Truth

And you might quite agree with this
-for surely, a Lie would hide her shame
and even look the picture of innocence
-oft times playing the victim
and begging for sympathy
They are very different- these two creatures
-one persisting in a raw painful silence that never changes
-the other dressed in chameleon skins while fighting exposure

Is it ever simple to tell which is which?

©Vivian Zems

Poets United #438