Writing a poem using the word ‘hollow’. Now, let’s see……. I thought, and thought…and voila! ‘Hollow words’ came to mind.
You see, we use words to paint pictures of the past, present and future. They are our primary form of communication…so you would think that we’d use them wisely. But oh no, not the human race. We bandy words about with little thought for consequences. So, here’s my take on ‘hollow words’.

I watch as hollow words
wash over me
It’s the absence of life in these
words that mesmerise 
Empty promises and profound inaction
Words spoken.. and yet (un)meant
Not quite lies…at least lies sting with bitter energy
Hollow words are just…dead
they mean nothing to me

©Vivian Zems

Real Toads- Just one word;’Hollow’

Poets United #435