When driving, I keep my eyes on the road. I might occasionally steal a glance in my rearview mirror- and certainly NEVER stare behind me. That ought to be how we live- facing the future-otherwise you’re bound to crash. Having said that, our past shapes us and there are memories there that we don’t leave behind. Rather than gaze in our rearview mirrors at comforting memories, I’d like to think we bring them along with us. This one’s about my dear Daddy- he was (and still is) my rock. Now remember: face forward!


Coming home from school

unpacking my bags

searching for food

while sweet mummy mends my slacks

I nod and ‘umm’ distractedly

at the questions about my day

I didn’t know time would speed up

that I would one day grow up and away

“Daddy’s home!” I cry

his stubbly chin tickles me to bliss

He smells of work and the pipe

-a smell I would one day sorely miss

©Vivian Zems

Real Toads– Homecoming